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Coal Supply

Product knowledge is essential, IEP only works with reliable suppliers, all of which have been known to our staff in Indonesia and India for some considerable time. IEP will ensure that the supply that the buyer wants to purchase will meet all aspects of the contract before signing and opening of the Letter of Credit (L/C).


It is important that the full requirement of the buyer is known by a formal Letter of Intention (LOI), the LOI needs to include: expected specifications, amount per shipment, per month, per contract, who the buyer is (headed paper), this is the company that will open the Letter of Credit (L/C), where the cargo is to be delivered if the buyer wants the cargo to be delivered to the discharge port, details of payment method preferred.


Our motto is: "The more information supplied from day one from the buyer, the easier it is to do the business in a professional and timely manner".


When an offer is made, ALL details for the supply of the coal will be given, in order that we meet the above motto.


Offers can not be made unless all of the buyer's requirements are known.


When the contract has been signed by all parties, IEP will ensure that the requirements of the contract will be met fully.  When the Letter of Credit has been accepted, the product will be mined in the case of minerals, and the delivery of the product for the first shipment will be according to the contract, which will normally be within 30 – 45 days from the contract signing date.

Our staff in both countries will be in constant touch with each other.