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Energy Efficiency

The mission of CREANERGY is to enable our end clients to fulfill their energy requirements with optimal overall energy efficiency and minimal use of fossil fuels, in order to continue their operations in a profitable and sustainable manner.

There is huge untapped worldwide potential for sustainable production of heat and power from biomass, biogas and waste. Our vision is to tap this potential and contribute to a reduction in fossil fuel consumption

At CREANERGY, we extend the limits of the thermodynamic model so as to include all the relevant parts of the energy system: the process side of the installation, the thermal deaerator, the steam turbine, the district heating and so on.

This means we can optimize the energy efficiency of the broader system rather than focusing only on the boiler system where this approach brings major energy optimization.

provides knowledge, engineering and management expertise for the production of heat and power from biomass, biogas and waste.  

Our experience lies in combining incineration and heat recovery in our designs, irrespective of the combustible, incineration concept, heat recovery concept, heated medium or power output. Our dedicated software allows us to optimize geometry and heating surfaces to clients’ specific needs. We have extensive expertise in heat recovery design, procurement and manufacturing, mounting and commissioning.

Our professional experience gives us access to manufacturing partners worldwide.

IEP has a relationship with Creanergy where they will be a supplier of any of their services to IEP and our clients.

provides boiler engineering services and industrial boiler solutions for the production of heat and power from biomass, biogas and waste. 

We do boiler engineering for water-tube boilers, fire-tube boilers, vertical boilers, horizontal boilers, waste-heat boilers, thermal oil boilers, economisers, hot water boilers, superheated water boilers and steam boilers. 

CREANERGY is specialized in the combined design of incineration and heat recovery. We have references with grate incineration technologies, bubbling fluidized bed technologies, rotary kiln technologies and other. 

CREANERGY is experienced in the incineration and gasification of all types of biomass and waste: bark, chips, wood waste, demolition timber, empty palm fruit bunches, rice husk, coal, sunflower hulls, municipal waste, various sludges, hospital waste, ... 

We provide engineering, project management, procurement, supervision of manufacturing, mounting and commissioning. We provide turnkey solutions upon request.

CREANERGY is active in the fields of:

- heat and power from biomass
- heat and power from biogas
- heat and power from waste
- combined heat and power - CHP
- boiler design: thermal oil boilers, superheated water boilers, water tube boilers, etc.
- energy optimization

We have experience in providing knowledge and management services for:

- projects in the investment stage
- projects in pre-sales stage
- projects in execution
- revamping of projects
- modified waste fuels in existing plants

Our dedicated boiler simulation software and boiler expertise gives us a competitive advantage.

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