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 IEP/TERT Exploration Videos

Commonality Across the Natural Resource Industry (2019)

            Geothermal Energy of Yesterday, 
               Today and Tomorrow (2019)

  Smart Technology Needs Smart Regulators                                             (2018)

    Does Indonesia Need International Investment for                   Natural Resource Exploration? (2018)

  Energising Indonesia's Energy Sector (2017)

    Geothermal Exploration in Indonesia (2017)

        Indonesia’s Geothermal Status (2016)

     The Economic Impact of not Exploring for                       Resources in Indonesia (2016)

We have a problem; 
We need to build a pathway to get out of it. (2019)

    It all comes down to Exploration to understanding the Country’s Natural Resources. (2019)

     Optimism for the Indonesian Oil and Gas Exploration World (2019)

Blame Game for High Energy Imports (2018)

Is Oil and gas exploration targets out of reach in Indonesia? (2017)

 In Search of New Ideas to Revive Indonesia's Oil Sector (2017)

Indonesia's Power Independency (2016)

Worrying Signs Still Continue in Indonesia (2016)

Oil and gas Challenges and prospects for the President of Indonesia's Second Term. (2019)

Possible Move of the Capital City from Jakarta to another Part of Indonesia (2019)

Challenges and prospects (2019)

Written for a Special Issue of the Jakarta Post for the Election Year.

     Is Indonesia Ready to Accept Technology for Oil & Gas Exploration? (2018)

Where to find New Giant Oil & Gas Fields (2018)

     The Cost of Exploration for Natural Resources (2017)

Exploration for the Present and the Future (2017)