The TERT Technology Suite is a powerful set of tools that 
increases the exploration success rates, saves time and cut costs.

We try to keep a statistic of what we do, it should be noted that we are not a data provider, we do not provide you with satellite data, neither do we provide you with seismic data, we interpolate the data, we give you structure contours and 3D models; when you drill, this becomes part of our statistics when we learn what has been achieved, sometimes we never learn, companies may decide not to drill, they walk away, they could not find partners, finances etc. there are a bunch of reasons why people do not drill.


Sometimes companies do drill, although we may have said NO, this becomes part of the track record.

Our success rate is not always about finding resources, it is also about being able to say to the client that this area does not contain the resources that are expected, although it does contain another resource, or as happens on many occasions, does not contain any resources.

Why apply for licences if the area 

does not contain commercial resources?


Having knowledge of any given area prior to sending out expensive conventional exploration tool's or drilling rigs is a MUST.

There are various ways of calculating the track record, for example, if our data integrates with seismic reasonably well, is this a decent result? We think it is.   

If our client drills and finds natural resources, is that substantial? 

We think it is. 

If our client drills and it becomes a producing well, is that more substantial? We think it is.

The results are a mixed bag, some are for Greenfield and Brownfield areas, some are for due-diligence before purchasing an area or buying into a prospect or confirmation of a selected drilling location based on conventional exploration.

We are able to advise on most if not all types of exploration conundrums. Knowing the resource potential before acquiring an exploration licence has to be an advantage. 

We are proud of our high percentage success rate which can be supported by our numerous Letters of Recommendations, case studies and in many cases the client directly.



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