Confirmation by Drilling

IEP with their partner TERT can provide an extremely accurate position and depth for drilling of a resource, this may be oil, gas, geothermal, water, minerals of any type, some will be relatively shallow in depth, such as gold, rubies, coal, some will be deeper, such as oil, gas, geothermal and water in order to confirm the resource reliable drilling equipment that can drill to different depths and collect various samples, reliable equipment, and  drilling companies are a must.

IEP's partner for this very important phase of any resource development is PT. Servita Beningdo

PT.SERVITA BENINGDO was established in July 2003 in Jakarta, specializing in the sale of products – both new and used — in support of the mining industry in Indonesia. We started by sourcing good used low hours equipment for customers worldwide and disposing of surplus equipment. We have since become the agent in Indonesia for a number of high-quality products from Europe and the United States for the natural resource industry, which includes Royal Eijkelkamp Group for the supply of  sonic drills down to approximately 300 - 500 meters, and Fraste for the supply of drilling equipment for the deeper resources, down to 2, 000 meters or more if required.   They are also proud to have been appointed an exclusive distributor in Indonesia for the soil and water monitoring range of equipment from Royal Eijkelkamp in the Netherlands.

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In 1964 the company Fraste was officially registered in the Verona Chamber of Commerce where today it is still a Member. At those times, in 1964, the drilling field was still very traditional and mainly involved with mechanical transmissions. By using hydraulics on its drilling units, Fraste was certainly among the Pioneers of modern drilling. The founder of the company started to go deeper inside the “Drilling Universe” and gathered information from a very important source in Italy: the Library of the Piacenza University. 

Fraste is now one of the leaders in designing efficient drilling rigs and continues to expand around the world. 

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SonicSampDrill is a new type of geotechnical and exploration drill which is up to 4 times faster than rotary drills and returns better than 95% core recovery.

The drill head contains two counter-rotating weights operated by hydraulic motors which send a vibration or resonance through the drill string of up to 150Hz. This has the effect of liquefying a very thin layer of material in contact with the drill string and drill bit causing it to act like a fluid. Friction is dramatically reduced and consequently drilling speed is increased. The drill string also stays very straight with little deviation over the full length of the bore hole. The core samples obtained are long, continuous and uncontaminated especially in wet, loose or unconsolidated material.

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