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About Us
IEP was established in 2009 with the "Goal" of encouraging investment and business from International companies that would like to do business with Indonesia but were apprehensive for various reasons.

The requirement by Indonesian law is to have an Indonesian partner, hence the original name of Indonesia - International Business Partners (IBP) which was recently changed to Indonesia - International Energy Solution Partners (IEP).

During this time IEP has been successful in many areas, although not all of the partnerships have been fully successful for the client, some have been partly successful, where a decision was able to be taken to move to the next step or not, i.e. "STOP" or "GO", thereby saving costs.

IEP specializes in innovative exploration technology and sustainable production of power and/or heat from renewable energy resources.

IEP Provides the “Local Knowledge and Expertise" with International companies, such as Terra Energy & Resource Technologies providing the expertise for the exploration of natural resources both onshore and offshore. 

IEP is also representing suppliers and manufacturers of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power plants as well as the design and engineering of sustainable solutions for the future.

IEP and their partners can find and confirm the natural resources, design, produce, install and maintain ORC turbogenerators for various power plants.

"From Cradle to Grave" or "From a Potential Natural Resource to the confirmation of the Resource by Drilling to the Generation of Electrical Power for the End User", this is what we do.

We also represent a bimonthly Oil & Gas Journal especially produced for APAC countries, this is known as "Oil & Gas Austral Asia" which is available in print and online.

All of what we do allows for low-cost solutions with less risk being entailed,  which equates to less time for a project from start to finish, all of which is contributing to the environment.

We like to say:
"What is your pain"?

"We may have the cure"



"In the world of depletion, rising costs of exploration and market instability, the need to address some of the more difficult challenges of modern exploration needs to be resolved,  methods that will identify and explore natural resource deposits accurately, cost effectively, and quickly".

IEP is the Indonesian partner and representative for one such company.


which is a space-age, geoscience services company bringing innovation to the exploration process and addressing some of the most challenging natural resource prospecting problems of the modern era. TERT uses alternative remote sensing, geochemical and micro-seismic technologies developed over decades to:

  • Understand the subsurface better, save time, cut costs, and thereby increase the exploration success rates
  • Delineate natural resource structures across territories of any size, geography, accessibility or condition
  • High-grade areas, on or off-shore, to focus and optimise work program or discretely evaluate blocks
  • Model structures in challenging geological conditions where 2D & 3D fail (thrust-folding, basalt, etc.)
  • Confirms the presence of hydrocarbons using adsorbed gas geochemical anomalies
  • Generate resource prospects: provide structure contours, depth, and drilling locations
  • Assess reservoir quality through micro-seismic, open fracturing studies.
  • TERT is suitable for exploration of most natural resources, such as Oil, Gas (onshore/offshore), Minerals, Geothermal, Water, Coalbed Methane, Rare Earths, Basalt covered resources exploration whilst reducing the risk and raising the drilling success rate with proven geoscience innovative technology.
  • TERT is also suitable for that very important second opinion before drilling, we call this "Drilling Location Validation", it is quick, accurate and inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of drilling a "Dry Well"
  • Onshore pipeline inspection for stress related areas along the pipeline route is also another area that we specialise in.

IEP is also a partner with

Arista Terra Resources, LLC (ATR)

which is a resource exploration company founded by geosciences innovator, Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. (TeRT),  and financial advisory firm, Arista Capital Group, LLC (Arista) with like-minded high-net-worth investors. ATR's Executive team aims to reduce risk and increase successful drilling for oil and gas projects. At ATR, they integrate the best of both conventional and innovative exploration tools.

We like to say:

"Do you want to know what natural resources you have"?

"We may have the answer"


There is a huge untapped worldwide potential for sustainable production of power and/or heat from renewable energy sources or by optimizing existing industrial process.

Knowing the source of power is a must, knowing how to harness this in the most economical method is also a must.

IEP realizes that Resource Exploration and Power Generation goes hand-in-hand and that the same company that is interested in knowing the source of energy will also be interested in the utilization of the resource, IEP has the expertise for this and is involved in:

Power Generation projects based on renewable energy sources such as Biomass, Waste Heat Recovery, Geothermal, Solar Energy etc.
  • Liaise and represent with Equipment Manufacturers and Power Plant designers in order to ensure that only the latest and most economical technology is used in the power generation project.
  • Provide assistance to our clients based on their requirement.
  • Liaise with the OEM to formulate the EPC package in Power generation as required. 

The mission is to enable our clients to fulfil their energy requirements with optimal overall energy efficiency and mineral use of fossil fuels, in order to continue their operations in a profitable and sustainable manner.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power plants work on the same principle as steam turbines but use an organic fluid instead of water, which means they are more reliable and higher efficiency plants for low to medium temperature heat resources and small to medium size plants.

Renewable Energy Solutions include:
  • Geothermal
  • Waste to heat and power
  • Biogas to heat and power
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Solar thermal
  • Wind power

    Optimization of Conventional Energy Solutions

  • Heat Recovery steam generators
  • Combined heat and power
  • Organic Rankine cycle
  • Process optimization

    Smart Energy Solutions

  • Hybrid solutions
  • Heat/power storage
  • Responsive smart systems
  • Novel technologies: R&D
  • Novel innovative solutions
  • Monitoring & excellence
We like to say:

"Do you have an energy saving requirement"?

"We may have the solution"