Key Personnel

George Barber – Managing Director

George has lived and worked in Indonesia for the past twenty-four years having had a successful career in the Royal Navy and private sectors as a “Hydrographic Surveyor”. George has developed extensive expertise in project management, supervision, logistics, procurement, and training in the resource sectors in Indonesia. He has particular expertise in mineral transportation issues, especially in shallow water environments. He has also established and operated successful companies and partnerships in Indonesia with both Indonesian and International companies.

George has extensive knowledge on the supply of natural resources from Indonesia, which includes management, coordination, and monitoring of minerals from the mine to the end user. George is experienced in; innovative exploration for all natural resources which include oil & gas, minerals, geothermal, water, coal bed methane etc. George is the "Country Manager for Terra Energy & Resource Technologies (TERT) in Indonesia and business development in various countries throughout the world, although mainly in South East Asia.

His other area of interest based is maritime affairs and safety at sea.

Muhammad Natsir Pua Upa - Executive Business Development Manager - PT. Indonesia -  International Energy Solution Partners
Natsir has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Technology, Surabaya, Indonesia, where he has over 35 years of experience in the industry including Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, LNG and Geothermal Plants. Natsir has recently completed 15 years working for  ADGAS, Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company, Das Island. 

Natsir has also worked for Al Khaleej Sugar Co, Atlantic Richfield Corporation (ARCO – Indonesia),  Montreal Engineering Consultant (MONENCO), P.T. Pupuk Kujang, an Ammonia and Urea Plant.

Natsir's background has brought him to IEP for the potential development of Geothermal Power Stations in Indonesia mainly, although this is not limited to Geothermal and Indonesia.

Geothermal Power Stations require exploration, confirmation of potential power and power plant installation, which makes Natsir an ideal person to have for business development in IEP with his connections to turbine plant producers and users within the industry.

DR. Ir. Supriadi Arif - Chief Geoscientist

Pak Suprihadi, what can one say about this person, he has more experience than it is possible to put on this page, therefore if we just put one position that he held as Assistant to Sr. Vice President – Jakarta – PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia, where he Coordinated Exploration, Exploitation, Technology and Natuna Block B JOA, Exploration New Ventures and Business Development. Provided Exploration, Production and Technology advice for PT CPI Executives in Jakarta and Sumatra. Conducted meetings with Government officials to support all projects under Sr. Vice President Jakarta. Supported the New Ventures and Business Development activities to find new blocks or new working areas. Provided technical and operational supports for other Operating Units in the fields.

Suprihadi is now an Executive Consultant in Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production, Studies in Shale Gas, Shale Oil and Geothermal, this explains his experience very well.

Suprihadi was responsible for innovative technology throughout his career for all the companies that he has worked for, he has grasped the innovative technology of TERT and believes very strongly that this technology is the next exploration cycle for exploration. IEP and TERT are proud and are very lucky to be able to have Suprihadi in the team.

Lazarus Toto - Country Manager Timor-Leste - PT. Indonesia -  International Energy Solution Partners

Lazarus has had a varied career where he was Assistant Site Manager at PT. Ensbury Kalteng Mining, (EKM) an Indonesian Foreign Investment Company (PMA)  for Gold Mining Operations in Central Kalimantan and offices in Jakarta. Lazarus is also the founder & owner of Toto Ranch - West Timor for the past five years. Lazarus is the Country Manager in East Timor for the promotion of the various areas that IEP is involved in, especially for innovative exploration requirements for natural resources, both onshore and offshore.

Lazarus is a professional by all standards where his knowledge of East Timor is outstanding and hugely beneficial for the cause.

Kitt Yee Kong - Marketing Partner South East Asia -  PT. Indonesia -  International Energy Solution Partners

Kitt who is extremely knowledgeable about the oil & gas industry in Asian through her company where she is the General Manager at Mudrock Media Sdn Bhd, has agreed to partner with IEP/TERT as the marketing partner in South East Asia with the sole aim of promoting the unique services that TERT can offer for innovative exploration solutions.

Kitt is very professional in her approach to business and has gained a large network and respect where ever she goes in the region. Having a geology background, Kitt is able to understand the need for advanced exploration technology, which makes Kitt an ideal marketing partner who we are proud to be associated with.