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International - Indonesia Energy Solutions Partners (IEP) was established in Indonesia in 2009 with the "Goal" of encouraging investment and business from International companies that would like to do business with Indonesia but were apprehensive for various reasons. For any international company that wants to work in Indonesia, a local partner is required. During this time IEP has been successful in many areas, although not all of the partnerships have been fully successful for the client, some have been partly successful, where a decision was able to be taken to move to the next step or not, i.e. "STOP" or "GO", thereby saving costs for the investor. 

Based on this, Terra Energy & Resource Technologies Inc. known as TERT in Indonesia due to the common name of Terra (Latin name for Earth) being used on a wide scale which has caused a lot of confusion partnered with IEP where both parties have been working as a team to promote the benefits of using Innovative Exploration in a country that claims to have vast amounts of natural resources available, although this (until) now has not been proven due to the complex geology of the country where only twenty percent of the country can be explored by traditional methods of exploration.

IEP Provides the “Local Knowledge" and "Local Content" that is required for any international company that wants to work in another country, no matter how good a certain technology is, no matter how many projects that have been proven in other countries, the acceptance and the cultural differences is a major challenge that has to be accepted and can not and should not be changed. 

IEP specialises in the exploration of all Natural Resources as well as the development of projects for geothermal that involves both upstream and downstream expertise where we are able to bring to the table developers and investors.

Development of business by local representatives in other countries throughout the region is fully supported by IEP, countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Timor Leste, Philipines etc.

This web site concentrates on the development of Natural Resources with Innovative Technology that will ensure higher success rates as well as reduced cost in the exploration of any given area onshore or offshore in any country.