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are very knowledgable in the natural resource industry in SE Asia, with each company being involved in various sectors and different countries, for more information of these companies, our partners;

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Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. (“Terra”) is a publicly-held, space-age, natural resource exploration company which finds natural resources for customers using innovative and proprietary technologies developed over the past 35 years.  

Terra’s methods greatly improve exploration success rates while significantly reducing risk, time and expense.  

Terra will high-grade a given territory for natural resource prospectivity, and when appropriate, recommend drilling locations and target depths faster and more cost-effectively as compared with conventional methods.  

Terra’s team of geoscientists has performed work for major and independent companies in many different countries with varying degrees of geological conditions, both onshore and offshore.

Arista Terra Resources, LLC (ATR) was born when several entrepreneurs with many years of international exploration experience got together with a simple idea: find a better way to invest in natural resources.


ATR is a high-tech exploration & production company which excels at the "finding part" of the business while delegating all other aspects to seasoned industry partners, operators and consultants. Given that exploration is the hardest part of the business, our capabilities give us an advantage over other industry participants in the most critical area: subsurface risk reduction.  


ATR counts among its partners Terra Energy & Resource Technologies (Terra), an innovative, exploration services geoscience company known for industry-beating success-rates in finding oil and gas. Terra brings a team of highly credentialed, seasoned geoscientists with 100's of years of experience and success in finding natural resources. By integrating Terra’s unique tools with traditional methods, ATR is well-positioned to be a high-growth, independent oil & natural gas company.


Currently, we are participating in exploration and production operations in the Gulf Coast Mid-Continent area of the U.S. (mainly Texas and Louisiana), as well as in Tasmania (Southeast Australia).