The Science


TERRA ENERGY & RESOURCE TECHNOLOGIES, INC (TERT) is IEP's Innovative Natural Resource Exploration Partner. TERT is a unique space age geoscience technology company operating in the field of natural resource exploration, detection and development. The natural resources exploration and production industry has evolved and grown through technological innovation. TERT brings powerful, cutting edge advances in several categories of exploration science including unconventional remote sensing with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, adsorbed-gas geochemical analysis, and alternative microseismic technologies. TERT’s team of 30+ geoscience professionals, which features many PhDs, also works fluidly with conventional geoscience methods including gravimetry, magnetometry, and radiometry, as well as seismic and well-log data analysis. TERT integrates all methods in the course of its analysis, seeking confidence-building correlation. In short, TERT is addressing some of the most challenging natural resource prospecting problems of the modern era using its growing suite of geoscience exploration technologies.