Vehicle Tracking System

Provider of Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Tracking is a process which involves the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to locate a given object or person. With GPS tracking, logistic, car rental or local courier companies can tag the location of every vehicle in their fleet at any given time.


Our Track and Trace System provides live and historical position information on Google Map TM , Google Earth TM and also as various MIS reports and alerts . Using Google Earth, one can even overlay custom map / scanned paper map of any country/region to use with this tracking services. Google Earth also supports overlaying of map database from , a public domain map resource.


Good for Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking, Person/Buddy Tracking, Resource Tracking, Fleet Tracking.

Need of Vehice Tracking System in

  • Fleet Management.

  • Educational Institutions.

  • Hospitals.

  • Travels.

  • Transport.

  • Personal Vehicle Track.

  • Delivery Services.