Analysis of Scattered Seismic Waves 

Natural Resource Confirmation Tool for Oil, Gas, Geothermal and Minerals

Open Fracture Locator (OFL)  directly determines the presence and nature of fluids in the subsurface. 

OFL shows the presence and movement of oil, gas and water within a given reservoir. It is a passive seismic technology that enables the study of the 4D distribution of open fracture dynamics. OFL/SVSL’s process detects natural seismic emission (SE) waves generated during a cycle of opening and collapse of micro-fractures known to occur in the Earth’s subsurface, seemingly because of gravitational changes. SE waves are identified in the measured wave field by applying the proprietary Focusing Transformation Algorithm, which helps locate emission centers within open fractures. The behaviour of SE is unique to oil, water or dry saturation in the respective horizon. 

OFL is a real-time technology that allows the continuous measurement and processing of the seismic-wave-field to determine the fluid type/fluid saturation, hydrocarbons' distribution, oil-to-water contact, fluid migration and reservoir dynamics for each horizon in a target area. With these capabilities, besides being useful for vertical wells, SLEC can also be applied to plan horizontal drilling/injection wells, monitor hydraulic fracturing and observe water advance in production.

OFL determines reservoir quality by identifying zones of open fracturing which are known for superior productive potential. 

OFL is principally a new method of micro-seismic exploration designed to study fracturing in potential reservoirs.

OFL is suitable for oil, gas, and geothermal reservoir monitoring, coalbed methane fracturing (All Onshore only).