STeP® - Sub Terrain Prospecting

We are NOT Reinventing the
Some of our ideas have been known about for a very long time

Leonardo da Vinci introduced the idea of Geodynamic Analysis in about 1490 AD 
where he talked about the Earth being a whole, crystalline, dynamic body.

Paleo Reconstruction for 100’s of years.

With the advent of satellites and powerful computers, these not so new ideas help to make
 STeP® (Sub Terrain Prospecting) a very powerful natural resource exploration tool for the explorer's toolbox.

Some other ideas have not been around as long, i.e. Propriety Spectrometry Analysis (PSA)16 years only. 

We utilise all of these ideas, which are in continuous development as technology advances.

A new satellite is launched, it is an improvement from the last one, the next generation of satellites will be improved on.

New and more powerful computers are being developed continuously 

This allows TERT to continually develop and to improve on what we do.

Date from Numerous Satellites are Processed with

Different Projects - Different Methods - Different Scales