Project Support

A resource needs to be discovered by exploration, once it has been discovered, there is a requirement to confirm that the resource has potential for further development. This will normally be confirmed by drilling (confirmation drilling).

Once the resource has been confirmed that it is commercially viable to develop, there is a requirement to design the type of power station that is most suitable for the resource reserves that have been discovered.

During the design stage of the Power Station, the type of technology for the most efficient and environmentally friendly system needs to be considered, which should not always be focused on cost.

IEP has partnered with companies that provide these key elements:

  • Innovative Natural Resource Exploration 

    Onshore Only
  • Drilling
  • Design
  • Power Production

"From Cradle to Grave"
From a Potential Natural Resource by Exploration

to the confirmation of the Resource by Drilling,
to the Generation of the Power for the End User