TERTINDO is a form of acronym for PT. Terra Eksplorasi dan Eksploitasi Teknologi Indonesia, which is a local Indonesian company.

TERTINDO was established in 2017 by three local companies with the sole purpose of carrying out resource exploration in Indonesia with reduced costs, time and risk.

IEP is the majority shareholder and is responsible for the day to day running of the company, which includes marketing, training, proposals, and reports from IEP's partner in exploration, Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc.

Our other partners are responsible for the Indonesian to Indonesian connections and marketing, which includes government and private company relationships as well as acting as consultants and advisors to the President Director of TERTINDO.

Each company has their own activities, specialties, and expertise in various sectors of the natural resource industry in Indonesia, such as geothermal, oil & gas, minerals.

All information for natural resource exploration in Indonesia is available from our various websites or by sending an email to tert@iiesp.com.