TERT’s strength is simple: we produce high-value data sets on subsurface oil & natural gas, prospectivity, informing on both structure, depth and hydrocarbon charge, prior to seismic and drilling operations.  We direct where the seismic lines need to be run (if seismic can be used) to confirm the information that we have provided.

TERT’s STeP® methodology deploys proprietary algorithms which perform specialized data processing and analytics to find anomalies which have a proven association with oil & gas reservoirs. The multimethod approach contained within STeP® maps structure, depth and the presence of hydrocarbons, all before boots hit the ground.  

The below graphic indicates the STeP® components that are part of the TERT’s suite of exploration tool’s for oil & gas exploration. 

The same tools are suitable for geothermal and mineral exploration.



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