We Connect the Earth's Surface to the Subsurface

We Try To Uncover The Hidden Mysteries of the Sub-surface.

Connecting The Earth's Surface to the Subsurface

In the world of depletion, rising costs of exploration and market instability, TERT's technologies address some of the most difficult challenges of modern exploration, enabling the company, its clients, and partners to identify and explore natural resource deposits accurately, cost-effectively, and quickly.

TERT has carried out 220 plus exploration projects varying in size from 10 to 100,000 plus sq. km around the world and is supported by an In-house science team of 30+ accomplished PhD’s and geoscientists and 3rd party consultants (18 - 20 part-time specialists).

It is important for any client that a FULL service is provided, therefore we offer the following: 

In order for the CLIENT to obtain the best value of using TERT’s services for exploration, the need for continual discussions to achieve this is important, therefore TERT will provide consultancy as part of the project cost for each phase of the process related to its studies and conclusions.

It should be noted that TERT does NOT just deliver the report, it will work with the client to integrate any data that the may have and will be available to support the client as required related to TERT’s studies or G&G data related to the intended drilling location It should be noted, that for best results, G&G data should be provided in advance.

It is important that the user/client is fully aware of the processes that have been carried out to reach the results, it is also important that the future geologists and geoscientists of Indonesia are made aware of innovative methods of exploration that will allow a combination of traditional exploration tools to be used in conjunction with innovative exploration tools.

A full training package can also be arranged, this normally takes 3 (three) days, the training would be carried out in the country that the contract is with.

Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. (“TERT") is a publicly listed, space age, natural resource exploration Technology Company, specializing in the application of innovative and proprietary exploration technologies.


TERT utilizes various independent processing methods of satellite-derived data sets, which provides a fresh approach to exploration that enhances today’s exploration methods and can help to find geological resources in uncharted and challenging geological areas.


By incorporating innovative methods of exploration in the early and intermediate stages of exploration, it allows the traditional tools of exploration to become confirmation tools instead of exploration tools.


TERT improves the exploration success rate, while significantly reducing the time, cost and risk of exploration that is associated with today’s high-risk exploration methods.  


TERT will high-grade any area for hydrocarbons, minerals, geothermal and other prospects that lie within the subsurface structure and when appropriate, recommend drilling locations and target depths faster and more cost-effectively as compared with traditional methods of exploration.


TERT interpolates surface data, which is generated from the Earth’s subsurface processes such as tectonics and connects them to the subsurface structures with indications of content.


TERT will deliver results that will exceed expectations, whilst at the same time reducing the exploration period from years to months, the cost by 50 - 90% and the risk for exploration by 70% or more.

We provide High-quality, oil and gas, mineral, geothermal and other prospectivity analysis, onshore and   offshore, for exploration companies worldwide, using innovative but proven methodologies which are suitable for Greenfield, Brownfield, and Mature areas as well as offering a second opinion (Drilling Location Validation) before the decision is taken to drill.

TERT’s main process is called STeP®, which is short for Sub Terrain Prospecting

STeP® interprets satellite, cartographic, and geological data with various unique models to delineate contours of prospectivity.

The application of a REMOTE innovative exploration tool such as STeP® is very important, especially within ecologically sensitive and difficult to access regions

STeP® is non-evasive, and environmentally friendly that produces conclusive (including prospective and non-prospectiveresults.

Seven to ten percent of what we do is collecting data, this means that the bulk of our work is processing the data by various totally independent processing methods that are carried out by different teams in different locations. 

The end result is the delineation of the prospect or prospects in any given area, no matter what the size, country or geology.

There is no set standard to the number of methods that we will use, although in most cases all of our processing methods will be used, it depends on the area size, the natural resources that are being explored as well as many other factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to deliver the best results possible.