The Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc., (TERT)

Management & Technical Team in SE Asia

George Barber – TERT -SE Asia Consultant - Country Manager Indonesia

George is experienced in; innovative exploration for all natural resources which include oil & gas, minerals, geothermal, water, coal bed methane, complex geology etc. George is the "Country Manager for Terra Energy & Resource Technologies (TERT) in Indonesia and business development in various countries throughout the world, although mainly in South East Asia.

George has lived and worked in Indonesia for the past twenty-six years having had a successful career in the Royal Navy and private sectors as a “Hydrographic Surveyor”. During this time he was responsible for implementing new technology that changed the way that hydrographic was carried out. This expertise is invaluable for the change that the exploration industry needs to go through.

George has developed extensive expertise in project management, supervision, logistics, procurement, and training in the resource sectors in Indonesia. He has particular expertise in mineral transportation issues, especially in shallow water environments. He has also established and operated successful companies and partnerships in Indonesia with both Indonesian and International companies.

His other area of interest is maritime affairs and safety at sea.

Bobby Wisanto - Chief Geoscientist - Business Development Director IEP

Bobby is a former Exploration Geophysicist of ConocoPhillips Indonesia with four years of various G&G experience, mostly exploration.

He contributed to the success of several projects in complex geological conditions. Although, he is very strong in seismic interpretation, seismic reservoir characterisation and prospect volumetric estimation, he is also highly specialised and has a lot of interest for seismic and well pore pressure modelling which makes him distinctive to other geophysicists.

Bobby has been associated with IEP/TERT for the past three years and has proven invaluable in the development of the way we make presentations in order that geologists and geoscientists can understand a highly technical subject that is new to most people in the manner that they have been taught and can relate to.

DR. Ir. Supriadi Arif - Chief Geoscientist

Pak Suprihadi, what can one say about this person, he has more experience than it is possible to put on this page, therefore if we just put one position that he held as Assistant to Sr. Vice President – Jakarta – PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia, where he Coordinated Exploration, Exploitation, Technology and Natuna Block B JOA, Exploration New Ventures and Business Development. Provided Exploration, Production and Technology advice for PT CPI Executives in Jakarta and Sumatra. Conducted meetings with Government officials to support all projects under Sr. Vice President Jakarta. Supported the New Ventures and Business Development activities to find new blocks or new working areas. Provided technical and operational support for other Operating Units in the fields.

Suprihadi is now an Executive Consultant in Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production, Studies in Shale Gas, Shale Oil and Geothermal, this explains his experience very well.

Suprihadi was responsible for innovative technology throughout his career for all the companies that he has worked for, he has grasped the innovative technology of TERT and believes very strongly that this technology is the next exploration cycle for exploration. IEP and TERT are proud and are very lucky to be able to have Suprihadi in the team.

Kitt Yee Kong - Marketing Partner - South East Asia - PT. Indonesia - International Energy Solutions Partners (IEP)

Kitt who is extremely knowledgeable about the oil & gas industry in Asian through her company where she is the General Manager at Mudrock Media Sdn Bhd, has agreed to partner with IEP/TERT as the marketing partner in South East Asia with the sole aim of promoting the unique services that TERT can offer for innovative exploration solutions.

Kitt is very professional in her approach to business and has gained a large network and respect where ever she goes in the region. Having a geology background, Kitt is able to understand the need for advanced exploration technology, which makes Kitt an ideal marketing partner who we are proud to be associated with.

The Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc.,

Head Office Management & Technical Team

Alexandre Agaian, Ph. D. – President & Chairman of Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Agaian is a published scientific researcher, serial entrepreneur, and accomplished company builder. Since 2003, he has concentrated his energies on natural resource exploration, finance and development. He has structured, raised and deployed more than US$100 million over this time for projects related to oil & gas as well as gold mining. Along with the board and executive management team of Terra, Dr. Agaian currently oversees all aspects of Terra’s various business interests including exploration services for oil and mining companies, proprietary resource acquisition and development, as well as technology research, development and acquisition. Given his long history of starting and building companies, he devotes considerable time scouting, evaluating and modeling potential prospects for Terra’s acquisition and development. Since July, 2008, he has served as Terra’s President, Principal Financial Officer and also as a board member, becoming Chairman in April 2009. He co-founded, in May 2007, Helios Petroleum Holding, AG, a Swiss company developing and operating mini-refineries in Russia, and serves as its President and as a member of its Board of Directors. From 2005 to 2007, Dr. Agaian, through his private consulting company, Balance Capital, LLC, participated in structuring several oil and gold projects in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. From May 2003 to July 2005, Dr. Agaian served as President and Chief Executive Officer of BMB Munai, Inc., a publicly trade oil and gas exploration and production company which reached revenues of US$100 million while Dr. Agaian was at the helm. He was one of the founders and a board member of BMB Munai. In 1994, Dr. Agaian founded ANBI Corporation, a New Jersey corporation with business interests and relationships in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In 1989, Dr. Agaian co-founded the All-Russian Association of Commercial Banks, a non-commercial organization in the former Soviet Union, and served as Vice President until 1992. In 1988, Dr. Agaian founded the first commercial bank in the USSR, The Innovation Bank of Saint Petersburg, and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 1994. In 1993, Dr. Agaian was elected as a Corresponding Member of the Engineering Academy of St. Petersburg (Russia). From 1985 to 1988, Dr. Agaian served as Chief Information Officer at the Bank for Industry and Construction. From 1973 until 1985, Dr. Agaian performed scientific work at different research centers and institutes in Tbilissi, Moscow and Leningrad. Dr. Agaian graduated from the State University of Tbilissi (Georgia, former USSR) in 1973, summa cum laude, with a degree in applied cybernetics. He received a Ph.D. in 1980 from The Academy of Science in Moscow in the field of computer networking. He lives with his wife and son on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan in NY and enjoys the natural outdoors whenever he can.

Dmitry Vilbaum, Chief Executive Officer, Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc.

Dmitry Vilbaum is an accomplished information technology engineer, entrepreneur and oil man. He has drilled several wells in Texas and Nevada, structured and raised millions of dollars for oil projects, and technology acquisitions. Along with the board and executive management team of Terra, Mr. Vilbaum currently oversees all aspects of Terra’s various business interests including exploration services for oil and mining companies, proprietary resource acquisition and development, as well as technology research, development and acquisition. Mr. Vilbaum’s vision has been to put the Terra Technologies “on the map” by establishing credibility among the conservative community of exploration geologists and company executives. A great deal of the traction that Terra has gained in the exploration industry outside of Russia can be attributed to Mr. Vilbaum’s efforts on behalf of Terra which have focused on providing exploration services to the oil & gas and mining industries; i.e. helping others find natural resources on a fee for service basis. He believes that resource acquisition and joint venture opportunities will naturally develop in time as Terra helps others to be successful in their exploration efforts. He has served as CEO and as a board member since 2007 and prior to that he served as Terra’s Chief Operating Officer from the company’s inception in 2005. From March 2001 to June 2005, Mr. Vilbaum was a vice president in the information technology department of Deutsche Bank where he ran large teams and managed varied and often mission-critical projects. From January 1996 through March of 2001, Mr. Vilbaum served as the president of Anyent, Inc., a consulting company providing enterprise-wide, information technology services to major Wall Street corporations, such as Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Newbridge Securities, Deloitte & Touche LLP., as well as technology companies, such as Compaq and MatchBlade Technologies. Mr. Vilbaum received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in 1995 from the City University of New York. He lives in Forest Hills, New York with his wife and two children and enjoys fishing, scuba diving and managing his backyard Koi fish pond.

James Reardon, Marketing Director

James Reardon is an accomplished entrepreneur, private equity agent, financial advisor and sales executive. He is a proven sales and marketing leader, communicator and consensus builder. Currently, Mr. Reardon also acts as Owner and/or Director of a number of companies in the natural resources market sector; namely: Marketing Director, Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc.; Managing Director, Arista Capital Group, LLC - A venture capital & private equity firm based in Connecticut that Mr. Reardon founded in the spring of 2009. Arista specializes in structuring private joint-ventures with a focus on real estate and natural resource exploration and development; Managing Partner, Arista Terra Resources, LLC - a natural resource exploration and development partnership based in Rowayton CT seeking private equity joint ventures in the natural resource space. Managing Director, ATR Energy, LLC - a private oil & gas E&P company which is drilling for oil in the Continental United States. Mr. Reardon has 30 years’ experience in finance, sales, marketing, and insurance. Since 2008, he has worked with several sponsors of natural resource projects including Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc., raising capital as well as helping to develop and promote private, joint-venture opportunities for oil, gas, gold and other minerals. From 2004 to 2008 he worked on real estate transactions valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. During this time, he also developed, marketed and helped manage private placement investments for various real estate sponsors including ETR Management and Reardon Opportunity Investments. In years prior to 2005, Mr. Reardon held senior sales positions at major insurance and financial services companies underwriting and marketing employee benefit packages and financial services. From 1999 to 2005, he worked selling employee benefits programs to mid-sized and large companies in New York for the Spectera division of UnitedHealth Group. From 1994 to 1999, Mr. Reardon worked at Physicians Health Services selling group insurance programs to large employers. From 1991 to 1994, he worked as a financial planner affiliated with Cigna Financial Advisors and then JP Morgan Chase. From 1986 to 1991, he worked at UNUM, Metropolitan Life, and a regional employee benefits brokerage underwriting and selling group insurance programs. Mr. Reardon is a graduate of Williams College where he received his undergraduate degree in Geology, and he currently resides with his wife in Rowayton, CT. When not working, he enjoys golf, fishing, sports and spending time on the coast of Maine.