Terra Energy & Resource Technologies Inc., (TERT) in Asean is a partner with Indonesia - International Energy Solutions Partners of Indonesia (IEP) who represents TERT's interests in ASEAN.

IEP Provides the “Local Knowledge" and "Local Content" that is required for any international company that wants to work in another country, no matter how good a certain technology is, no matter how many projects that have been proven in other countries, the acceptance and the cultural differences is a major challenge that has to be accepted and can not and should not be changed.

Development of business by local representatives in other countries throughout the region is fully supported by IEP,

Terra Insight Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of a USA publicly listed company, Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc (TERT) that provides innovative exploration services in many countries around the world.

TERT’s methodologies significantly decrease exploration, drilling and development risks, reduce the exploration time and expenditures, and render the whole process more effective and efficient, compared with traditional early stage exploration techniques which become confirmation tools.

TERT’s proprietary method is known as Sub-terrain Prospecting (STeP® registered trade mark) technology that has been under development for more than 35 years with many tests and pilot projects, with over 200+ examples of pre-drill studies for natural resource exploration with some of the world’s largest natural resources companies and governments.

Our objective in exploration and development is to address the issues and challenges beyond the structural approach, which is offered by today’s exploration methods.

The TERT Technology Suite incorporates multiple, advanced and unconventional remote-sensing methods with advanced and unconventional geo-chemical methods, and unconventional geophysical methods.

Under the STeP® suite there are various independent processing methods of the satellite derived data that gives a high level of confidence when these independent methods agree with each other.depending on the project in hand, all or some of these methods can be used to ensure that the maximum knowledge of any given area is known, this can be carried out prior to licenses being issued

Exploration is about data, explorers gather data of one kind or the other, we are no different, our data is from Satellite's which is just another means of collecting data that is on the Earth's surface.

TERT’S Strength

Our strength is simple:

We connect the surface (mostly invisible) data to the subsurface that allows for the accurate assessment of any given area prior to exploration licences being issued, due-diligence prior to purchasing an area, greenfield exploration, mature field development no matter the terrain or geology.

This method of exploration is non-evasive, it produces high value data sets for the subsurface prospectivity (if any) for all natural resources, informing on both structure and depth prior to conventional exploration methods and drilling.

It allows for a decision to be made wither to STOP or GO

with the investment.

To summarise, by adding STeP® to the explorer’s toolbox; compelling time, cost and risk reduction go hand in hand with a higher probability for exploration success.

The full lithology of any given area can be known, areas that can not be explored by conventional methods.due to cost and geology such as volcanics are now explorable.

Whole countries both onshore and offshore are explorable.

We Like Complex Geology

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