The deepest oil well in the world Sakhalin-I in Russia - reached an incredible 12, 376 meters. Another deep well is the “Kola Superdeep Borehole,” a 1989 experimental well drilled in The Soviet Union. It reached 12, 262m. In 2008, an oil well was drilled to 12, 289m in Qatar. In 2011, a 12, 345m well was drilled offshore of the Russian island of Sakhalin.

The cost of exploration today is extremely high, hence one of the reasons not a great deal of exploration is being carried out.

The cost of drilling dry wells is high,

The probability of drilling a dry well is also very high.

We call this "Gambling with someone else money" (normally).

Therefore having another tool in the Exploration Tool Box that can confirm or indicate that you are not in the right location is extremely useful. Getting a Second Opinion prior to Drill a Multi-dollar Well is nothing to be ashamed of.

The cost of Hybrid DLV is Peanuts compared to the cost of drilling a Dry Well.

Our Hybrid Drilling Location Validation will do exactly what it says.

The Result is a verification of the conventional exploration results where advice will be given either to proceed or pass.

In the water-wet example, shown here:

We were able to tell our client

NOT to invest in this prospect

as the area would be Water Wet, which turned out to be the case, our client was extremely happy he did NOT invest.


BEFORE You Drill to Get A Second Opinion, it May Save You A Lot of Money