Natural Gas Analysis Beneath the Surface of the Earth

Natural Resource Confirmation Tool for Oil, Gas and Minerals

Naturally Absorbed Gas Services (NAGS) discovers anomalies in the adsorbed gas content of rock samples collected just below the soil level indicative of natural resource prospectivity. NAGS is based on the concept of the gas field of the Earth, a natural flux of gases composed of all of the light homologs of methane as well as other inorganic gases, described as “the background gas field”.

As these gases ascend to the surface and interact with hydrocarbon-saturated formations, they undergo alteration in several ways (mechanically, physically, and chemically), and the resulting anomalies in the distribution of gases become manifest at the surface.

Such anomalies, which are a computational result of the analysis of adsorbed gases in rock samples near the surface, occur only when hydrocarbon and other resource deposits are present in the subsurface. These anomalies are relational constructs developed in the NAGS model and appear as ring-shaped and crest-and-ring-shaped structures present on the Earth’s surface in terms of the distribution of gas components, various gas proportions, ratios, contrast curves, etc.

The simplicity, stability, reliability and proven informative capability of Absorbed Gas Surveys make them vastly superior to Free Gas-geochemical surveys for hydrocarbons and minerals. Our scientists have been developing and applying them effectively in the search for oil and gas as well as other minerals for decades in many different parts of the world.

Suitable for oil, gas and minerals (Onshore mainly).

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