A Variety of Different Solutions for Different Exploration Challenges.

No Matter What the Terrain is, What the Geology is, Onshore or Offshore,

We May Have the Solution for Your Early Exploration and Confirmation Requirements.

Sub-Terrain Prospecting (STeP®) is a proprietary, remote sensing and analytical technology which interprets and quantifies various natural phenomena manifest at the surface using sophisticated algorithms and models, such phenomena being directly linked to subsurface geological features. Most of the data is acquired via satellite.

STeP® integrates tectonic, morphological, structural, and spectral models which assess and determine the presence of natural resource structures/anomalies, on or offshore. While Remote Earth Sensing (RES) is not new, STeP® introduces extremely effective analytical and interpretative processes that render it's brand of remote sensing far more informative and accurate than the options offered by competitors.

STeP® provides important information relevant to determining the location, depth and, at times, thickness of subsurface resource accumulations.

STeP® uses extremely sophisticated data-mining techniques including Kohonen artificial neural nets (also known as self-organizing maps), pattern recognition techniques and fuzzy logic.

STeP® allows the explorer to cover large areas where size is unlimited, which could be 5, 000, 50, 000, 150, 000 Square Kilometers or even whole countries to define the potential resources in the area.

It should be noted that the STeP® process DOES NOT depend on the client providing data from conventional exploration methods, all that is required is coordinates of the area that is to be explored.

STeP® Express - Low Resolution - Regional Level

The idea of STeP® Express is that it covers large areas looking for any Natural Resource Potential onshore or offshore with low-resolution satellite data on a scale of 1:100, 000.

Large areas can be covered in months rather than years at a fraction of the cost.

A number of processing tools will be used dependent on the job in hand, is it onshore or offshore, is it for Oil, Gas where most tools will be used or is it for Geothermal or is it for Minerals.

Is it looking for "Giant Fields" in large areas or is it for smaller areas where potential resources are thought to exist?

We have a solution for ALL areas, difficult terrain, complex geology, protected areas, onshore, offshore, there is a solution.

The problem is NOT so Easy to Resolve

We can help, although we need to understand the client's pain in order to give to the client the best possible result with the best possible price and to decrease the risk of exploration.

The problem today is simple

"We do NOT really know where to look for natural resources,

We think we know, But we do NOT know".

To Help To Relieve Your Exploration Pain